Residence Hall Energy Competition comes to a close

The Residence Hall Energy Competition wrapped up on April 12 and the top three residence halls reduced energy use by an average of nine percent.

The competition began March 25 and measured energy reduction in 15 of the participating dorms. Blackburn House came in first place with a 10 percent reduction, and Raney House came in second place with a 9 percent drop in energy use. Residence on Tenth saved 8 percent, coming in third place. All three dorms were awarded pizza and dessert for their energy conservation efforts.

The data was captured using smart meters, digital meters that work to capture all energy use in an entire building every 15 to 30 seconds. The meters measure the amount of electricity, chilled or hot water that the building uses.

The competition was limited to 15 dorms because smart meters are still being installed in buildings across campus. The goal for the next two years will be to install more meters and allow for more residence halls to participate.

This year, participating North Campus residence halls included Torres House, Mendoza House, Scott House, Blackburn House, Nosker House, Jones Tower, Houston House, Taylor Tower, Raney House, Bowen House and Bush House. South Campus residence halls included Siebert Hall, Park-Stradley Hall, Smith-Steeb Hall and Residence on Tenth.